We do 1 to full colour T shirt and other fabric printing inhouse

Printing Prices excl.Vat

T Shirts not included

Units1 ColorSet Up2 ColorsSet Up3 ColorsSet Up
50-100R 6.75R 150R 7.87R 300R 8.92R 450
101-250R 5.92R 150R 7.12R 300R 8.25R 450
251-500R 5.62R 150R 6.75R 300R 7.87R 450
501-1000R 4.37R 150R 6.37R 300R 7.42R 450
1001-2000R 3.92R 150R 4.93R 300R 5.93R 450
2001-3000R 3.68N/CR 4.68N/CR 5.62N/C
3001 +R 3.43N/CR 4.37N/CR 5.31N/C

Units4 ColorsSet Up


50-100R 10.12R 600

101-250R 9.37R 600

251-500R 8.92R 600

501-1000R 7.18R 600

1001-2000R 6.87R 600

2001-3000R 5.25N/C
3001 +R 4.95N/C